How to Be Heterosexual - A Guide

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Anonymous asked: Did you know that what you are doing here is breaking the law? Impersonating an actual person online and falsifying things about them is called defamation and lible and is punishable by law with up to a year imprisonment and $1000 fine. Just letting you know.

I knew I would get one of these eventually. Yes, I know. But everyone on this blog knows that I am not actually Colin Morgan and Bradley James, as I have said so. I am not pretending to be the real Colin and Bradley. You could say I’m pretending to be fictional versions of them. Plenty of people online pretend to be fictional characters. 

Here are some things I am doing:

  • making jokes about them
  • creating obviously fictional scenarios 
  • entertaining people 

Here are some things I am not doing:

  • saying I am a real person when I am not
  • purposely offending people
  • shoving this blog in the faces of the people it offends (including the real Colin and Bradley)

I like to think of this blog as one big fanfic. You wouldn’t say an author of a fanfic about a real person was impersonating that person. They are simply creating an enjoyable fictional scenario about them. That is what I am doing here. If you don’t like a fanfic, you don’t read it.

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